EP0116: Gambit, The Complete Collection, Volume 2 and All-Star Comics Archives, Volume 8

Gambit meets the enemy…and it is him in X-men: Gambit, The Complete Collection, Volume 2.

Witness the birth of the injustice society in All-Star Comics Archives, Volume 8.

EP0115: Spider-man: The Alien Costume Saga, Volume 1 and Batman Chronicles, Volume 8

Spider-man gets a brand new costume in Spider-man: The Alien Costume, Volume 1.

We take a look at some World War II adventures in Batman Chronicles, Volume 8.

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EP0114: Nightwing, Volume 7: Bleeding Edge, and Superman: The Atomic Age Newspaper Strips, Volume 3′

Nightwing goes up against the evil of new tech in Nightwing, Volume 7: Bleeding Edge

Learn about the late 1950s Superman newspaper strips in Superman, The Atomic Age, Sundays, Volume 3

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