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What this podcast is about?

Comic books have helped create some of the most memorable and iconic characters of all time, many of which have become pop culture and leaped on to the big screen. Yet there’s a downside.

The world of comics offers a lot of forgettable or even terrible products: unsympathetic characters, horrendous art, poorly written stories. Yet, this podcast isn’t about making fun or attacking bad comics, but on searching for the truly great ones.

We review comic book trade paperbacks including many from the Gold and Silver Age in search of the best comic books ever made as well as modern-day comic stories that are well worth reading. Whatever the era, we’re looking for comics that are worth rating as Classy Comics.

Is this podcast for you?

This podcast isn’t designed primarily for the comic book expert in mind. This is a podcast for the comic book novice. Maybe you read comics at one point when you’re a kid and Superhero movies have gotten you interested all over again. But you take a look at the thick continuity of your favorite comic book companies and it’s overwhelming, we’re do you even start?

Each podcast begins by providing helpful background on the comic book covered and tries to help you ease into the comic book’s world. If you’re wanting to get into comic books and graphic novels and just want a good idea of where to start, this is a good podcast for you.

What type of comics do I consider classy?

Fun: A classy comic is going to be fun to read. If it’s dull, depressing, grimdark, it’s not going to really impress me. Of course, not every book has to be as bright and funny as Batman ’66. It’s possible for a book to be a bit dark, and look at more troubling aspects of life without becoming a depressive cynical screed.

Likable Characters: My interest in reading a comic about a dark, brooding, self-righteous murderer is pretty close to zero. If the protagonist is just a horrible person, it’s not going to be considered a classy comic. So, the Punisher, Deadpool, etc. Just not my thing.

Be True to the Characters:   There are certain values and guiding beliefs that classic heroes have. If a writer isn’t true to the core of who a character is, it is a problem. If I spend the whole thing saying, “Spider-man wouldn’t do that,” and I have a legitimate point, I’ve been taken out of the story.

Good Artwork

Emotion/Humor: If a comic connects with me, either by amusing me, making me smile, or making me cry, it’s achieved a purpose. I’m not a fan of books that have pretty artwork and not much else.  A good classy comic gives you something to connect to.

In addition to this,  I’m not a fan of books with explicit sex or gore.

Overall, this gives you a good idea of the comics we’ll be covering and if you’re interested in following along, I’d love for you to subscribe.