EP0022: Hal Jordan and the Green Lanterns Corp, Volume 4: Fractures (Review)

Find out who breaks up the Green Lantern Corps/Sinestro Corps alliance as we look at Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps, Volume 4: Fractures

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EP0021: Black Lightning Year One (Review)

A look at Jan Van Meter’s 21st Century updated take on Black Lightning’s origin story.

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EP0020: Star Trek: The Newspaper Strip Volume 2 (Review)

Proto-borgs, a space race, James T. Kirk, slave trader, and a trip to the 20th Century for some fan service. That’s what ahead and more in today’s review of Star Trek Newspaper strips.

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EP0019: How to Legally Read Comics for Free

Adam Graham discusses how to legally read comics for free. Legal sources for free comics include the library, library services such as Hoopla, Overdrive, and Comics Plus. Also, there is NetGalley and Comixology has a free comics selection.

EP0018: Superman: Action Comics, Volume 4: The New World

Superman barely has time to adjust to his latest retcon before a team of malcontent supervillains form the new Superman Revenge Squad and declare war on him.

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