EP0017: Marvel Golden Age Masterworks: Sub-Mariner Volume 2

It’s World War II and Namor declares offensive war on Japan, sometimes very offensive. He also finds time to work undercover at a lumber company and fighting underwater pirate Nazis because Golden Age. Meanwhile the Angel fights crime in a loud costume that doesn’t enhance his abilities or hide his identity also because golden age.

EP0016: Batgirl and the Birds of Prey: Source Code

Batgirl, Huntress, and Black Canary battle a metahuman who is turning other metahumans deadly, find out the truth behind the new Oracle, and battle a pair of evil realtors. Along the way Nightwing, Green Arrow, Catwoman, and Poison Ivy guest star.

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EP0015: Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor: The Terror Beneath

Can the Twelfth Doctor and a punk rocker from the 40th Century stop a seaweed monster on the loose in a 1970’s English village?

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EP0014: Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor: The Sapling Growth

The Eleventh Doctor and Alice have a baby…tree (I am not Groot.) while trying to thwart a member of the Silence who refuses to shut up.

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EP0013: Doctor Who Classics, Volume 7

A look at the Seventh Doctor’s earliest comic strips in the pages of Doctor Who Magazine as he battles the Ice Warriors, and lends a hand to a microscopic species.

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EP0012: Black Panther by Christopher Priest: The Complete Collection Volume 1

In preparation for the Black Panther movie, we take a look at the beginning of Christopher Priest’s 1998 influential run on Black Panther, Issues 1-17.

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EP0011: Essential Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-man, Volume 3 (Part Two)

Wrapping up our look at Peter Park’s spectacular 1980s adventures in the pages of Essential Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-man, Volume 3.

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EP0010: Essential Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-man, Volume 3 (Part One)

Travel back to the early 1980s as we look at what made Spider-man’s third series a worthwhile read in Essential Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-man, Volume 3 collecting Issues 54-74 and Annual #3.

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Grab your web shooters and get ready for a trip back in time to the ’80s as we take a look today at Essential Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man Volume Three.
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