EP0021: Black Lightning Year One (Review)

A look at Jan Van Meter’s 21st Century updated take on Black Lightning’s origin story.

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“Justice like lightning should ever appear, to some men hope, to other men fear.” We’re taking a look at Black Lightning, Year One, coming up next.

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EP0020: Star Trek: The Newspaper Strip Volume 2 (Review)

Proto-borgs, a space race, James T. Kirk, slave trader, and a trip to the 20th Century for some fan service. That’s what ahead and more in today’s review of Star Trek Newspaper strips.

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Transcript below:

Space, the Final Frontier! These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise. Her four-year mission: to help promote Star Trek movies in newspapers all around America. Learn more when we take a look at Star Trek: The Newspaper Comics Volume 2, straight ahead.


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