EP0019: How to Legally Read Comics for Free

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Adam Graham discusses how to legally read comics for free. Legal sources for free comics include the library, library services such as Hoopla, Overdrive, and Comics Plus. Also, there is NetGalley and Comixology has a free comics selection.

One thought on “EP0019: How to Legally Read Comics for Free”

  1. Thanks for the tips on reading comics for free. I’m lucky enough to live within a short walking distance from my branch of our county library, so I often browse the shelves of the graphic novel and comic trade paperback section there, and sometimes check out the county-wide online catalogue. I also have Comixology on my Kindle Fire, and I really like their “Guided View” feature, which lets me read panel-by-panel, a help to these old eyes. I will be looking for the Hoopla app you mentioned, and look into getting a non-resident library card from the Philadelphia library, since I live just outside that fine city. I’m very glad you talked about these things, and gave the pros and cons of various methods.
    Stay classy!

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