EP0122: Doctor Who: The Age of Chaos

Colin Baker takes a hand at writing a Doctor Who comic in Doctor Who: The Age of Chaos.

Then we take a look at Doctor Who Magazine Comic strips featuring Baker in Doctor Who Classics, Volume 8

Captain Marvel interferes in the war of three galaxies and battles Thanos again in Captain Marvel Masterworks, Volume 5.

A madman threatens Batman unless he takes the Bat-family out of commission in Batman, Detective Comics, Volume 8: On the Outside.

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EP0099: Nightwing, Volume 6: The Untouchable, Miss Marvel, Volume 6: Ascension, and Superman, Volume 6: Imperius Lex

Nightwing faces a new old villain who’d ready to make a deal in Nightwing, Volume 6: The Untouchable.

Carol digs into her own past to uncover a great secret in Ms. Volume 6: Ascension.

Superman and Lex Luthor come to a crossroads in Superman, Volume 6: Imperius Lex.

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