EP0099: Nightwing, Volume 6: The Untouchable, Miss Marvel, Volume 6: Ascension, and Superman, Volume 6: Imperius Lex

Nightwing faces a new old villain who’d ready to make a deal in Nightwing, Volume 6: The Untouchable.

Carol digs into her own past to uncover a great secret in Ms. Volume 6: Ascension.

Superman and Lex Luthor come to a crossroads in Superman, Volume 6: Imperius Lex.

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EP0096: Essential Marvel Two-in-One, Volume 2, Star Wars Legends Epic Collection:The Original Marvel Years, Volume 1 and Miss Marvel, Volume 4: Monster Smash

It’s Clobbering Time as we examine two years worth of Thing team ups in Essential Marvel Two-in-One, Volume 2 .

We look at the first Star Wars Comics in Star Wars Legends Epic Collection:The Original Marvel Years, Volume 1

Ms. Marvel battles the Puppet Master and faces a reckoning with the Cru in Ms. Marvel, Volume 4: Monster Smash.

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EP0094: Spider-man: Miles Morales, Volume 1, Spider-man’s Tangled Web, Volume 2, and Miss Marvel, Volume 3: Operating Lightning Storm

Miles Morales integrates into a whole new Universe and has to deal with a loving (yet psychotic) grandmother in Miles Morales, Spider-man, Volume 1.

Meet Spider-man’s cabbie ally in Spider-man’s Tangled Web, Volume 2.

Miss Marvel gets her own private task force and a chance to repair some of the damage to her reputation from Civil War in Ms. Marvel, Volume 3: Operation Lightning Storm.

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EP0093: Flash, Volume 6, Batman and the Justice League, Volume 1, Batman, Volume 6, Civil War: Ms. Marvel

The Flash deals with the Negative Speed Force and then has to solve a murder inside Iron Heights in Flash, Volume 6: Cold Day in Hell.

A boy comes from Japan to Gotham looking for his parents in Batman and the Justice League, Volume 1.

Wonder Woman and Batman get into a long fight on behalf of the Gentleman and then Poison Ivy takes over the entire world except for Batman and Catwoman in Batman, Volume 6: Bride or Burglar.

Ms. Marvel goes full in for hero-on-hero fighting in Civil War: Ms. Marvel, Volume 2.

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