EP0094: Spider-man: Miles Morales, Volume 1, Spider-man’s Tangled Web, Volume 2, and Miss Marvel, Volume 3: Operating Lightning Storm

Miles Morales integrates into a whole new Universe and has to deal with a loving (yet psychotic) grandmother in Miles Morales, Spider-man, Volume 1.

Meet Spider-man’s cabbie ally in Spider-man’s Tangled Web, Volume 2.

Miss Marvel gets her own private task force and a chance to repair some of the damage to her reputation from Civil War in Ms. Marvel, Volume 3: Operation Lightning Storm.

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EP0035: Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man Ultimate Collection Book 3

Miles has to deal with a disappearing dad, and the return of Peter Parker and the Green Goblin, plus choosing to reveal your secret identity to the wrong person, that and the end of the world…twice.

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Transcript below:

Miles Morales faces the end of the world twice. It’s time to take a look at Miles Morales’ The Ultimate Spiderman: Ultimate Collection Book Three, straight ahead.
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