EP0103: Defenders Masterworks, Volume 1 and Ms. Marvel, Vol. 9: Best You Can Be

We take a look at the first volume of the Defenders as they join forces to save the planet from various threats, but don’t you dare call them a team!

Then, on the weekend Carol Danvers’ first movie comes out, we take a look at the last volume of her Ms. Marvel series in Ms. Marvel, Volume 9: Best You Can Be.

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EP0102: Amazing Spider-man, Renew Your Vows, Volume 4 and Ms. Marvel, Volume 8: War of the Marvels

Mary Jane and Peter are worried about their daughter in Amazing Spider-man, Renew Your vows, Volume 4: Annie, Are You Okay?

Then it’s Carol Danvers and Karla Sofen in an epic smackdown in Ms. Marvel, Vol. 8: War of the Marvels.

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EP0101: The Golden Age Starman Archives, Volume 1 and The Incredibles: Revenge from Below

Meet the original hypocondriac Superhero in the Golden Age Starmarn Archives, Volume 1.

Dash is seriously grounded in The Incredibles: Revenge from Below.

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EP0100: Tales of the Batman, Gene Colan, Volume 1 and Ms. Marvel, Vol. 7: Dark Reign

Gene Colan takes on the Dark Knight…and vampires in Tales of the Batman, Gene Colan, Volume 1.

Ms. Marvel dies and a new Ms. Marvel emerges in Ms. Marvel, Volume 7: Dark Reign.

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EP0099: Nightwing, Volume 6: The Untouchable, Miss Marvel, Volume 6: Ascension, and Superman, Volume 6: Imperius Lex

Nightwing faces a new old villain who’d ready to make a deal in Nightwing, Volume 6: The Untouchable.

Carol digs into her own past to uncover a great secret in Ms. Volume 6: Ascension.

Superman and Lex Luthor come to a crossroads in Superman, Volume 6: Imperius Lex.

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EP0098: Batman Beyond, Volume 3, Serenity: The Shepherd’s Tale, and Doctor Who: The Child of Time

Batman faces a long fight scene spread over an entire book in Batman Beyond, Volume 3: The Long Payback.

Learn the origin of Shepherd Book in Serenity: The Shepherd’s Tale.

Finally, we turn to the Eleventh Doctors first comic adventures in Doctor Who: The Child of Time.

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EP0097: Ms. Marvel, Volume 5: Secret Invasion, Doctor Who, The Twelfth Doctor: Confusion of Angels, HPD: The Jaguar, Green Lanterns, Volume 6

Ms. Marvel battles a Skrull invasion in Ms. Marvel, Vol. 5: Secret Invasion.

The Twelfth Doctor faces two different types of angels in The Twelfth Doctor: A Confusion of Angels.

Heroes of the Public Domain takes a look at a zookeeper superhero. (See Zoot Comics #2)

Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz have to get jobs in Green Lanterns, Volume 6: A World of Our Own.

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EP0096: Essential Marvel Two-in-One, Volume 2, Star Wars Legends Epic Collection:The Original Marvel Years, Volume 1 and Miss Marvel, Volume 4: Monster Smash

It’s Clobbering Time as we examine two years worth of Thing team ups in Essential Marvel Two-in-One, Volume 2 .

We look at the first Star Wars Comics in Star Wars Legends Epic Collection:The Original Marvel Years, Volume 1

Ms. Marvel battles the Puppet Master and faces a reckoning with the Cru in Ms. Marvel, Volume 4: Monster Smash.

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EP0095: Namor Visionaries, John Byrne, Volume 2, Titans, Volume 4, and Batman Detective Comics, Volume 6

Namor’s in trouble and needs some help from old friends in Namor Visionaries, John Byrne, Volume 2.

The Titans are broken up by the Justice League so that we don’t have a team that features a potentially dangerous member walking the streets as this might distract Batman from running his Gotham-based Superhero team featuring Clayface. Learn more in Titans, Volume 4: Titans Apart.

Tim Drake tries to avoid becoming future Batman by making the Gotham Knights succeed. However, that’s all put at risk when the Victim Syndicate comes after Clayface in Batman, Detective Comics, Volume 6: Fall of the Batman.

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EP0094: Spider-man: Miles Morales, Volume 1, Spider-man’s Tangled Web, Volume 2, and Miss Marvel, Volume 3: Operating Lightning Storm

Miles Morales integrates into a whole new Universe and has to deal with a loving (yet psychotic) grandmother in Miles Morales, Spider-man, Volume 1.

Meet Spider-man’s cabbie ally in Spider-man’s Tangled Web, Volume 2.

Miss Marvel gets her own private task force and a chance to repair some of the damage to her reputation from Civil War in Ms. Marvel, Volume 3: Operation Lightning Storm.

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